RFQ - 11-ES-PW-013: Construction Testing and Laboratory Services, General Retainer Contract

The City of Baton Rouge, Parish of East Baton Rouge (City-Parish) desires to hire up to five (5) qualified construction testing and laboratory services firms (Consultants) under a general retainer contract to perform construction testing for an undetermined number of City-Parish construction projects. The Consultant will be required to perform all testing lab services, maintain proper material testing laboratory accreditations, and employ sufficient certified testing personnel. The Consultant will be required to coordinate closely with various parties throughout the construction phase of the project including DPW, design engineer, and program management personnel if applicable. The Department of Public Works will assign projects to each of the selected construction testing consultants on an anticipated rotational basis as needed; however assignment will be based upon each firm’s ability to complete the work on schedule, within the designated fee schedule, and with properly certified personnel. The selected firms will receive a one-year contract with up to two (2) one-year renewals at the option of the City-Parish. The City-Parish does not guarantee a minimum number of projects nor a minimum dollar amount of fees to be generated by this contract.
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