RFQ - 11-ES-PW-005: Plank Road Pump Station Improvements NGS-C-0003

This project is part of the Baton Rouge Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Program being implemented under the Consent Decree with the EPA. This project is located in the northern areas of Baton Rouge, LA, as shown in Figure 1. The NGS-C-0003 Project includes the following improvements: • Replacement of 9 pump-stations: PS 127, PS 129, PS 38, PS 63, PS 64, PS 244, PS 44, PS 75, and PS 80, ranging in design wet weather flows from 300 gpm (0.4 MGD) to 11,200 gpm (16 MGD). • The pump station replacements will work in conjunction with the force main and gravity Sewer upgrades in the North Gravity Basin projects to alleviate chronic SSOs at the pump stations and in the gravity basins upstream of the pump stations. • The upgrades will also allow the pump stations to handle future peak wet weather flows that modeling predicts will equal or exceed the existing maximum capacities
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